All listed prices are base prices in EURO € and can vary depending on the complexity and details of the commission. 
If you are unsure don’t hesitate to ask ♥


Your character art in lively poses, available as lineart, flat colors or with a cute and light pallet, pencil outlines and soft colours shaded for the extra touch – simple backgrounds with gradients and/or one colour are included in the base price. Original characters and fanarts are accepted. Multiple characters can be included in one single artwork. Highly detailed character designs or outfits will increase the price. One revision is included in the price.

Chibi: Lineart 20€ | Flats 30€ | Shading 40€
Bust: Lineart 15€ | Flats 25€ | Shading 35€
Half Body: Lineart 25€ | Flats 35€ | Shading 55€
Fullbody: Lineart 35€ | Flats 50€ | Shading 75€

– additional revision: + 10€


Coloured reference sheet of your original character / Vtuber-self. Basic Character Sheet includes a front shaded fullbody view, a close up shaded bust and two flat coloured expressions. Full Character Sheet includes a shaded front and flat coloured back fullbody view, a shaded close up bust, one flat coloured chibi and one flat coloured expression with a simple background. Extra outfits, pets, weapons etc. can be added, but will increase the price depending on the complexity. I will only work with references of existing designs! I will NOT be designing a character for you or come up with a concept for it myself.

Basic Character Sheet: 120€
Full Character Sheet: 200€

+25€ each additional object/pet flat coloured
+30€ each additional outfit flat coloured

You also have the option to exchange the expression included in the base price for a pet/mascot/weapon for free.


Coloured shaded art with separated layers ready to be rigged for Live2D. I will NOT do the rig myself, I just offer the art. Also I only work with references, I will NOT design a character for you. Prices may increase depending on complexity, number of expressions, etc.

Chibi: 150€
Halfbody: 150€
Fullbody: 200€

+5€ for each additional expression
+10€ for each additional arm expression



Personalized emotes for twitch (compatible for discord as well). Full-coloured and simplified to be as readable as possible for your chat.
You’ll get all three 112px | 56px | 28px sizes. One revision is included in the price.

humanoid and animal characters possible.

Basic Price: 30€ each
– get more, pay less!
1-5 emotes: 30€ each | 6-10 emotes: 29€ each | 11-20 emotes: 28€ each | 21+ emotes: 27€ each
– additional revision: + 5€


Personalized panels for your twitch stream. Full-coloured and in a super cute chibi-style with a few elements fitting for each topic you want to share with your viewers.
You’ll get a 445px transparent PNG ready to upload! One revision is included in the price.

Basic Price: 50€
– detailed character designs and additional characters, as well as a lot of other decorative objects/stuff will increase the price
– additional revision: + 10€


Commercial rights allow the use of commissioned art as merch, game art, prints, etc. and it can be applied to all listings above – it will be calculated regarding to each project individually. Royalties are also an option and can be discussed. Intellectual property and credits will still be held by the artist.


Please read the Terms of Service & the FAQ carefully, before filling out the Commission Form, as you have to accept those in order to commission me. Any questions regarding my workflow or specific parts of the TOS & FAQ can be asked in private messages on my twitter, or through the contact form below.

Thank you for your interest in my work ~ I really appreciate it!