„Im ausgewiesenen Betrag ist gemäß § 19 UStG keine Umsatzsteuer enthalten“. // “The amount shown does not include VAT pursuant to § 19 UStG”.

• The services of these digital commissions does not include shipping of a product of any kind ~ only the finished commission .png-file is sent via e-mail, discord or direct link from my Google Drive, Dropbox etc.!

These terms of condition are between me (Nurilicious, the artist) and you (the costumer/commissioner):
• You must be of legal age (18+) to hire me
• By ordering commissions from me, you are allowing me to: post WIPs and the finished product to my gallery / portfolio / social media, Stream the progress on my twitch channel (if not otherwise explicitly denied) and use them as examples in my commission info.
• Payments accepted in Euro (€) and through PayPal only. All payments are due upfront and in full. Invoice must be paid within 48 hours after receiving it. Invoices will be sent 2-5 days before the commission work begins. Paypal fee is NOT included in the original price and the client will have the possibility to pay the extra fee as tip.
• I will begin processing your order only once payment has cleared. Commissions cannot be cancelled or refunded once the sketch has been made. If you cancel the commission, before I sent you the sketch, you’ll get a full refund of the commission price. Please be aware of that and only commission me, if you really thought it through.
• I will send you a rough sketch, that you have to approve in order to get on with your final commission. In this step you have ONE pass to ask for minor changes – like different expression or adding something I missed from your description. There will be NO revisions after the sketch was accepted!
• additional revisions after the piece is coloured and finished have to be paid extra starting with a charge of 20€ per edit.
• All commission orders must include request details at time of purchase. Once you’ve approved of the sketch and working on your commission has begun, no changes can be made to the content of your order. Additional commissions can of course be added, if slots are available.
• I reserve the right to decline & refund a commission for any reason. If I am unable to fulfill your request (i.e. priced incorrectly; subject matter is on my ‘no’ list, or significantly outside my wheelhouse; etc.) I will first attempt to resolve the issue with you, and then if necessary refund your payment.
• Commissions are completed in the order in which they are received. First come, first served!
• Complicated designs increase the price!
• Each commission can take min. of 14 day and a max. of 60 days to be finished. Please don’t ask for extremely rushed deadlines or give me too much pressure please. Commissioning me implies the agreement to my own timings. Thank you for understanding.
• I retain full copyright ownership of any commissioned work. Purchased works are created for PERSONAL USE ONLY and may not be altered, resold, or reproduced for commercial use (e.g. on merchandise, as game assets, etc). Ownership of already existing characters (like OC’s or Vtuber) stay with their respective and lawful owners.
• If the client requests fanart characters, they are solely responsible for the use of commissioned work. The artist holds no responsibility for DMCA claims due to the use of copyrighted characters.

• Emote commissions are created solely for the client and may be used on their own platforms (etc. Twitch, Youtube, Discord, Twitter, etc).
• Emote commissions MAY be used for profit in the form of subscriptions.
• Emote commissions MAY NOT be resold to a third party.
• Emote commissions MAY NOT be printed or sold as merchandise. If not otherwise commercial rights have been bought.

In submitting a commission request, you acknowledge and consent to these terms of condition.

• If you want to upload my art on any website or social media, you need to include credit – which includes adding a link to my twitch (@nurilicious), twitter (@nurilicious_) or website (nuriyaart.de) – depending on where you want to share it – and to tag me in the description.