Twitch Commissions

I create chat emotes & loyality badges for Twitch Streamers.

​I will start working on your commission AFTER receiving the payment! The Time I need for a commission can take 1-2 weeks, depending on the complexity. Paypal fees are included in the price!

I want to make sure, that each emote/badge fit exactly your needs. So please fill out my twitch order form, so I know exactly, what you want. After I received your form, I will come back to you to discuss your commission further and to send you your invoice!

After receiving your payment, I will tell you in which queue position you are (if there is a waiting list!). When I start working on your commission, you’ll get a first rough sketch, where you can still ask for minor changes. The commission includes 3 alterations, if you want more, you need to pay for those!

The Price for an emote/loyality badge is 30€! If you check out the order form above, you’ll see, that you can get a discount for certain amounts of emotes/badges, as well as some special bundle prices!

Payment is always payed upfront and only via paypal!

If you want to rush the commission (skip the queue), you’ll have to pay an additional 50% of the commission price!

If you want to cancle the commission, before I started working on it, I’ll refund 90% of the commission. If you already received the sketch, I’ll refund 50%. If I was working already on lines/colour etc. the commission is no longer refundable!

If you want to use the emotes/badges for merchandise etc. you have to pay for the commercial rights (additional 30€ per emote/badge), because they are not included in the commission! You will then get the high-res files (1500 x 1500 px) of the emotes, you want to use for commercial purpose.